YouTube’s value proved with statistics (infographic)

YouTube’s value proved with statistics (infographic)

Can you imagine your everyday life without viewing videos? Whether it be a movie at bedtime, or an ad about a product you’re thinking to buy, or any educational video, or an entertaining video blog, we bet that it happens mostly via YouTube. Or maybe, you prefer creating videos yourself, editing them, and writing scenarios, don’t you? Whatever can be done related to videos and video content, there is no more convenient and popular platform than YouTube.

Today influence and significance of the platform is almost invaluable. In fact, YouTube offers a wide range of opportunities to its users, providing various free services, such as searching and watching videos, creating and uploading personal videos to the channel, commenting and sharing videos, subscribing and following other channels and users, creating and organizing personal playlists, etc.

Thus, due to its multi-functionality and usability, the platform may be considered as an irreplaceable tool for creation, promotion, education, entertaining, and even writing practice. Moreover, over the years of its existence, the platform has already proven itself with high-quality services provided and with great content offered. And no matter, whether you are an experienced user or a first-timer, whether you have a desktop or phone, the platform and its services are always available and easy to use.

Even more, an outstanding feature of YouTube is that it can’t be exactly classified whether it’s a social media network or a search network, or a video platform since it combines several features and services. As a result, that gives it an advantage over other similar services and pushes to the leading position.

If you still have doubts about YouTube’s import role in users’ activity, then let’s turn to the latest statistical data and find out the answers to the crucial questions like:

  • Who are the main users of the platform?
  • How do they use it?
  • What meaning does it have for business and advertising?

User statistics

General numbers

Numbers can speak much louder than general words, just wrap your mind around that: viewers watch about one billion hours of video on YouTube daily, the platform has approximately 2 billion authorized monthly users. And this amount is continuing to grow rapidly. In comparison to 2018 data, the user population was only 1.8 billion.


More than 70 percent of adult users prefer YouTube to other social networks, and that’s more than Facebook showings and twice as much as Instagram showings.

Among about 80 percent of teens and twenty-five-year-old users, YouTube is the most preferable online platform. Only on mobile, the number reaches 70 percent of millennials as for the third quarter of 2019. As to middle-aged people, the percent of active YouTube users is about 60-65.

Geographical location

In terms of geographical location, the main traffic of viewers comes from the US, it’s about 15 percent, India takes second place with approximately 8 percent of YouTube users, and the third place goes to Japan – 4.5 percent of viewers. Moreover, about 90 percent of all Indian video viewers prefer YouTube to other platforms. Just compare that to Netflix showings, which is only three percent!


As to language criteria, it may seem a bit weird that only about 30 percent of popular videos are in English, but if to consider that YouTube works in 80 different languages in 90 different countries, the percentage of the English language is quite logical.

Usage statistics

So, now we have a general idea of the main YouTube users, then let’s proceed to usage statistics to discover how people use the platform.


It may seem almost incredible, but every minute YouTube users upload 500 hours of video! Furthermore, the number has increased by 40 percent in the last five years, and it is still growing. Every YouTube visitor spends more than 10 minutes on the platform daily, and it’s more than it was one year ago.

Choosing algorithm and tendencies

Approximate 70 percent of users watch videos according to YouTube recommendations. To be more exact, around 60 percent of watchers do it occasionally and about 15 percent of viewers do it regularly. It’s quite feasible, as the recommendation algorithm is a very useful service, recommendations are based on personal preferences, interests, and viewing history of each user. That’s why people trust it and let the platform choose what they will watch. Usually, users click around to observe new videos, thus every visit to YouTube estimates about 6.5 page views.

YouTube has a great number of channels, but statistics show that only 10 percent of the existing channels make 70 percent of the most viewed videos.

More than 70 percent of YouTube viewers prefer to use the platform on their phones, it has been a constant quantity since late 2018.

What can be more convenient for watching than a TV screen? So that the number of YouTube views via TV screens has increased by 39 percent, which estimates 250 million hours of watch a day. Plus, among millennials, YouTube has become the second most preferred platform for watching videos on TV screens. The first place is taken by Netflix here.

YouTube for business and advertising

Let’s outline some YouTube users’ behavioral tendencies that can be meaningful to business and advertising.

For business

Based on marketing survey results we can assume that personal interests are more essential to YouTube users than showing a popular actor or production value. The majority of people choose videos and decide what to watch in accordance with their interests. Producers that managed to identify the interests and needs of their audience have more chances to be popular and to promote their channels than the ones who are spending their time on creating smart and costly content.

For advertising

There is another YouTube users’ tendency that can be useful to advertisers. Around 80 percent of customers before buying anything watch “which product to buy”, but as a marketer, you should take into consideration that they are searching for helpful, informative, and true-to-life videos. Moreover, YouTube users prefer not to watch any misinformative videos or the ones with borderline content.

The last interesting fact about YouTube is that although producers tend to show men in videos more often than women, users watch them less.

Keeping in mind the statistics above and the main users’ behavioral features, you can easily grow your YouTube audience and promote your channels effectively.