What social media platform to choose for B2B?

What social media platform to choose for B2B?

No doubt that social media play an important role in our everyday lives. All the world is online today. Social media platforms open plenty of opportunities for interacting, communicating, and reaching out to people wherever they are. The main aim of social media is to keep people connected and to build relations.

Social media in business

Social media activities are all about personal communication, aren’t they? Absolutely not! What is a business? First of all, it is human relationships too. And the main component of it is effective communication, which builds trust, credibility, and a long-term connection as a result.

Hence, in essence, there is no big difference between a business form of communication and a private one. The main distinction is that business relations are more purpose-oriented and focused.

It’s obvious that nowadays there is no better way to develop relationships and create effective communication, than using social networks. One wise man told, “treat your business relationships like friendships or potential friendships”. Thus, if you focus on this main element of business and communicate friendly with your clients, you will probably succeed.

Does it matter to B2B?

When it comes to social media as a business strategy, most people think that it is related only to B2C, as it helps drive traffic and increase sales, stimulate buying online, etc. B2B brands think that they are boring for social media users, that on social they are overshadowed by B2C businesses, which are so perfectly fitted, so bright and attractive for Instagrammers, Facebook visitors, etc.

But a lot of B2B brands even don’t realize how many great opportunities they lose, ignoring SMM. Brand development, lead generation, partnerships growing, gaining competitors insights are not the full list of benefits social networks can bring to B2B companies.

In the world of B2B, social networks are powerful mechanisms to attract clients to your brand. And even though B2B sales usually do not occur on the platforms, customers tend to check companies out online before dealing with them. Potential clients can use social media channels as ways to search for desired products or services, as well as, for reviews, overviews, rankings, etc. Thus, potential clients are likely to come to your site from social channels.

Furthermore, a partnership is an essential part of any business; where is it possible to find partners? For instance, Facebook reports that the most active users on their platform are business executives.

Customers tend to provide their feedback or to complain about companies on social media platforms. You can track these things, understand your clients better, and offer them additional support via these channels.

What social media platforms are used by B2B companies?

The most popular social media platforms with B2B companies are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube.

With billions of active users globally, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube can bring a lot of value. You should know the features and possibilities of every platform in order to choose which one would be relevant to your business.

For example, if visual content is your strong point, then Instagram will be the best choice. Twitter is the perfect way to reach a large audience quickly. If videos are your top priority, then YouTube will be the most suitable platform in this case. Facebook can provide the most effective customer support and interaction.

Which is the best one?

In spite of everything, LinkedIn takes first place in the B2B world. With the great diversity of users and activities, other platforms are not so focused on business as LinkedIn. While surfing them, you may be drowned in this variety of offers, which can be useless to your business.

When it comes to LinkedIn, everything becomes clear. The platform was originally designed for business, and it remains the most popular network amongst B2B marketers. Despite it has only 500 million active users, its audience is highly targeted. LinkedIn helps professionals within the same industry stay connected and grow together.

According to the surveys, 90 percent of B2B marketers use the platform for their digital marketing strategies, about 80 percent of leads come from this network, over 90 percent of B2B brands choose LinkedIn for content marketing, and around 80 percent of B2B folks say this channel is the most trusted one. Marketers also tell that LinkedIn paid campaigns and tactics show good results and ROI.


The platform has a big number of tools and services to reach customers, communicate directly with prospects, and personalize content for audiences.

LinkedIn is the best service to get website visitors back to your site with the help of retargeting ads.

Sponsored InMail and Sponsored Content are effective services to promote content, services, and products.

Among platform’s users, there are a lot of business leaders, CEOs, presidents, and others who can drive your brand message and awareness to proper customers.