Useful tips to attract subscribers to YouTube channel

Useful tips to attract subscribers to YouTube channel

YouTube is one of the most well-known and widespread websites, and it is a unique multifunction platform. Being simultaneously a great social website and a search network, it’s a powerful marketing tool that offers plenty of free options for entertaining and interaction, as well as gaining benefits and refining the position in digital marketing. Video content plays the most important role in digital marketing and audience targeting. To succeed in this niche using the platform, it’s crucial to get as many subscribers as possible. If you have already created a channel and started using it, you must have noticed how the quantity of your subscribers influences your activity. Thus, you may be wondering what are the best and easiest ways to attract more people to subscribe and not to be banned, whether these methods are free, whether you should pay for your subscribers or not.

Why should you care about a number of your YouTube subscribers?

Growing a number of subscribers is not only a good way to optimize your organic reach, but also to become a platform’s partner and gain revenue from ads. So, the more people are subscribed to your channel, the higher your revenue rises. What if your goal is not to become a famous YouTube character, but just to maintain your brand’s digital strategy, is it still necessary to care about subscribers engaging? Obviously, yes, because most videos watched by users on YouTube are chosen by the platform’s own algorithm, that’s why you have a better opportunity to attract more new viewers if you already have a large number of subscribers.

In this post, we are going to list and describe possible ways to engage more subscribers and to broaden your online reach by creating personal connections with your followers without effort.

Before getting started

And from the very beginning, it’s necessary to mention that the absence of efforts doesn’t imply doing anything or just paying for bot subscribers. The mechanism is very simple, as a first-timer, you can gain free subscribers through liking or subscribing to a certain number of various channels and as a reward you get several channels to subscribe to yours. Buying subscribers may seem the easiest step here, especially for busy people. But it’s better to be aware of the fact that in this case, you will not get anything except for the waste of time and money spending. Fake followers don’t engage, and such views can disappear soon, as a consequence, your account can be suspended or even you may get banned at the worst. Isn’t it better to spend this time on creating cute video content or building warm relations with your viewers to turn them into your subscribers instead?

How to engage more YouTube subscribers

We hope you already have your own YouTube channel, so follow these tips to increase the number of your free subscribers.

Asking to subscribe

Don’t forget to remind your viewers to subscribe once again, additional notifications, especially after some useful information or new content may be very beneficial. Don’t make it too annoying, let it be in the right place at the right time, underlining the value of your content for your watchers, otherwise it will cause viewer churn.

Promoting your next videos

YouTubers that have already seen your videos and appreciated them are eager to see more, so don’t miss a chance to stir up their interest and mention your next video, outline why it is worth watching, it will additionally stimulate watchers to subscribe. Keep in mind that it is better to have an exact plan for upcoming content, otherwise you risk disinform and make a bad showing.

Interacting with your followers

If you aim at building warm and trust relations with your followers, including reacting and responding to the comments, following channels back, creating communities to promote each other, you probably would have a lot of new subscribers along with a great number of insights on how to optimize your content. Don’t stop at just friendship, move forward, create a partnership with other YouTubers to gain mutual profit. If there is any celebrity among your partners, you have even more chances to succeed.

Designing a channel and thumbnails

Your banner is used to mark a channel’s identity and outline its uniqueness, that’s why you should pay attention to its design. The design should be clean and eye-catching, generally, it should be aligned with your brand and optimized for all devices.

A thumbnail is a video snapshot that allows watchers to get a sense of what it is about while browsing, it creates an initial impression, that’s why it’s important to design it so that it arouses curiosity and persuades people to click on it. No doubt that they should be noticeable and attractive, but additionally, make sure to apply an identical style to all of them by choosing the same font and colors, thus users will understand that they are watching a video from your channel.

Promoting your content through other channels

Post your videos on other websites, blogs or social networks, thus you will have a chance to improve your search engine optimization and show your content to people who probably care about it. Cross-promoting on social networks and wherever you have fans is the easiest way to encourage people to follow your channels straight away.

Using clickable tools

There are two main tools on the platform that may be the most helpful ones and less annoying ones.

  • End Screen – a feature that appears in the last seconds of video, which enables users to subscribe or follow links to other videos or playlists.
  • Watermarks – a feature that can contain a brand name or a subscribe button, just one more way to get viewers to subscribe to your channel.

Creating playlists

Sorting your video content into topic-based playlists is the best way to encourage watchers to view more, as a consequence, the more viewers – the more opportunities to get subscribers. Think to divide and organize your videos like TV series with notifications about incoming ones.

Hosting a contest

Running a contest is another smart way to get yourself noticed. Don’t forget to set sensible goals, offer a reward that would be important to your audience, and invite them to subscribe to your channel.

Celebrating subscriber milestones

Notify your followers when you reach a certain round number of subscribers and thank them for participating in your activity. To make it more eye-catching, it’s possible to include images of some happy subscribers.

Posting videos regularly

It’s quite a general rule for all YouTubers based on the principle “the more videos you release – the more watchers you have”. When following this principle, don’t forget about quality, only high-quality content can attract subscribers.

Making your video content SEO-focused

Always do keyword research, it will enable users to find your content faster and allow you to generate ideas for the next video topic. Don’t give priority to exclusive videos that no one else can create. And finally, don’t give preference to topical content, as it matters only in a certain context and can bring you only temporary subscribers.

As you can see, getting free subscribers is not difficult at all, you can try to follow only some of these tips and the desired results will not be long in coming.