How to start YouTube channel

How to start YouTube channel

Do you own a small business? But you don’t have any channel on YouTube so far, do you? Creating and maintaining a YouTube channel may seem very challenging, even today when any inexperienced user can puzzle out how to use the most popular social networks almost intuitively. Anyway, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to become a user of the most powerful video platform that enables you to rise to a new level. Video content is the best way to promote your brand, to make people hear about you, your company, your activity, or whatever you consider necessary and useful to others. If to use the platform properly, it can be an effective tool for your business. A benefit gained from using the platform can be almost invaluable, you will see it yourself as soon as it starts working for you.

In order to conduct a successful activity on the platform, you should pay attention to some essential things even before becoming its active user. So, this post is devoted to the main things to be kept in mind when starting any activity on YouTube. We hope it would be useful to you and would make your first steps as easy and effective as possible. Remember, that using YouTube is also great entertainment, so mix business with pleasure and make the most of it!

As to any business activity, first of all, it’s necessary to have a clear understanding and clear-cut answers to the following questions:

  • What are you doing?
  • Why are you doing it?
  • Who is your audience?
  • What value can you deliver to your customers?

Once you have a comprehension of your targeted audience, you can identify their interests and needs, then you will have a clear idea of what value you can deliver to your viewers.

Goals identifying

The principles mentioned above are applicable to YouTube activity as well. First of all, you should find out what you are going to gain from the platform. This comprehension can help you define what type of videos you should create and identify the correct audience for that. For instance, if your business is connected to tourism, it could be quite logical to provide travel-related content: travel guides, instructions, recommendations, travelers’ reviews, and feedback, videos about different countries and famous landmarks. In this context, if you post videos about pets, wellness, gardening or other unrelated topics, your viewers may find it weird and it can cause a subscriber churn.

It’s also essential to understand why you want to create a channel. Do you want to advertise? Or maybe, you are trying to find ways to boost your sales, aren’t you? Or maybe, you have just launched a new product and want potential customers to hear about it as soon as possible. Whatever it be, taking your goal into account will help you generate the most suitable content for your intended audience and this will result in a constant increase of your subscribers. Offering high-quality, professional, and useful content means that you’ll easily gain subscribers’ confidence and next time they will choose your channel as a main source of information.

Channel creating

Let’s now move to channel creation tips.


To create your own channel, you will need to have a Google Account. As soon as you’ve signed in to your Google Account and proceeded to YouTube, you will need to give a name to your channel. Note that a channel’s name gives viewers a better idea of what it’s used for, so we strongly recommend using your company name for this to make it more recognizable and easier for your customers to find it. Take into consideration that the platform is a search network as well, additionally Google owns it, that’s why before giving a name, think long and hard how customers would try to search to find what you are going to offer.

Channel designing and setting

Then you’ll fill out an ordinary questionnaire, sign a user agreement, and have your own channel at last. At this stage, it’s essential to make some settings and adjust your channel, since an initial impression can be a determining factor for a newcomer. Start with a channel icon, actually it’s the same as a profile picture and can be automatically inserted from a Google Account. You can easily replace it with an image associated with your business, for instance, a logo. With the help of Channel Art service, you can edit your channel how you like, bringing some outstanding features to its design. But you should be careful here and choose a simple clear design which is in line with your brand and which doesn’t distract from the main thing – the content.

About section

Don’t lose a chance to tell viewers more about yourself, your activity, your brand and the value you can bring, make sure you completed the About Section, adding some useful links to your website, to your social networks, etc.

Videos creating and editing

The next step is to have fun and start uploading videos. Make use of all possible devices you have to start shooting. It doesn’t matter whether you do it using a professional camera or just a smartphone, what really matters is to be honest and passionate about what you do. People like inspiring content with good energy.

As to video editing, don’t make this process too overwhelming, use simple tools or even YouTube’s own editing service.

As soon as you have shot and uploaded videos, it’s a good practice to create playlists. Title, organize and group your videos into playlists. This practice, as well as autoplay option, encourages users to watch more. For instance, it’s possible to divide and sort videos according to categories, such as webinars, tutorials, hacks, etc.

It’ll be definitely appreciated by your followers and friends from other social platforms if you share your YouTube videos with them. And don’t leave email behind, inserting a link with a video in an email will give more opportunities to attract new potential subscribers.

Data analyzing

The next crucial thing you should do is gather and analyze stats and data on who is your main audience, how much time viewers spend on watching, what comments and feedback they leave etc. This information will help you improve your activity, generate and deliver more suitable content and be constantly engaged with your watchers.

Engaging more watchers

It’s possible to attract more watchers by making your videos more accessible: add subtitles and closed captions. This can engage, for example, deaf viewers or international ones. Additionally, you can provide access to your team members to modify and improve the channel together.

Don’t pass by live video streaming, it’s a great practice to build confidence, as it’s a genuine way to interact with your viewers and show your brand out.

We hope that these tips will help you become a professional video maker and editor and generate unique engaging content with no special efforts behind it.