PopCash review: useful instructions for advertisers and publishers

PopCash review: useful instructions for advertisers and publishers

Win-win solution

The online advertising ecosystem is like a playing area for two main participants, an advertiser and a publisher. An ad network is to facilitate their ‘game’, yielding profits for both players.

The mechanism of these services is simple – to aggregate ad inventory from publishers, pack it, and sell to advertisers. And voila, a publisher gains additional income, while an advertiser gets a necessary space to place ads. All in all, an ad network is the lowest hanging fruit, allowing advertisers to gain full control over their ads and help publishers monetize their sites.

Simplifying the process

Ad networks are aimed at simplifying and optimizing the process of interaction between advertisers and publishers. They no longer need to waste their time searching, checking, and setting. Everything they need now is to start using an ad platform that will do all the necessary operations. No special knowledge or skills are needed to launch campaigns or to publish ads when doing it via an ad platform.

In this article, we are going to show you ease-of-use, as well as the main benefits of modern ad platforms. For this end, we’ve skimmed through user reviews and curated PopCash, because it’s proven to be universal, cross-functional, therefore suitable for newbies and pros, as well as for us as a good example to paint you a picture of how to use such a service.

Why does ad network PopCash stand out?

  • Reliability and simplicity

The company has been operating on the market for almost one decade already. Having passed the test of time, it proved itself as one of the most intuitive ad platforms, easy-to-use, displaying only relevant useful information. Users state that despite everything’s in English, even non-native speakers can easily cope with the platform.

  • Smooth-running payment process

Payment processing is a very sensitive question in this field, some large global ad networks are very restrictive in the payment options they provide. But guys from PopCash care about their customers and do everything to make this process as convenient as possible. That’s why they offer more than eight payment processors, including all the main ones, such as Paypal, Paxum, Skrill, Wire Transfer, WebMoney, Payoneer, Cryptocurrencies, Credit Card on request.

  • Worldwide coverage

Currently, the company has its own network of 100K active websites with a reported volume of more than 75 million daily impressions which can ensure the highest conversion rates. With huge worldwide traffic PopCash represents a great opportunity for advertisers to get valuable traffic and for publishers to make money.

The PopCash’s team shared with us exclusive info about lucrative top tier 1 GEOs: China, Netherlands, the US, France, Germany. Now you know which locations to choose when setting up your targeting.

  • Wide choice of verticals

PopCash offers a variety of verticals to work with, such as entertainment, mainstream, gaming, commerce, adult, etc.

  • Profitable traffic

PopCash is focused on one of the most highly profitable traffic – popunders. Popunders are chosen by a great number of advertisers, for they provide high conversion rates and availability to promote via both mobile and desktop devices. Moreover, folks from PopCash let us in on a little secret – soon they will launch a push platform, this will open more opportunities for users.

  • Friendly support

PopCash’s team is always eager to assist their customers, providing live support via Skype, e-mail, Telegram, WhatsApp even on weekends.

Let’s take a deeper look at additional benefits for publishers and advertisers separately.

Becoming an advertiser

Being an advertiser with PopCash, you will find out a lot of benefits.

  • Guys from PopCash sober up to the importance of reliable traffic sources for advertisers. That’s why they stand up for high-quality unique traffic, they apply internal and third-party tools to repress fraudulent activity and to filter bot traffic.
  • Ads should reach the right buyers, that’s why identifying the intended audience is an essential aspect that can’t be disregarded. In this view, to help advertisers reach the proper audience, PopCash offers plenty of targeting options, such as GEOs, connection types, carriers, categories, devices, Os, browsers, languages, time zones.
  • Once you’ve properly targeted and launched your campaign, there is one more aspect to pay attention to, you can’t put a blind eye to its performance. You will always be in the loop on how the campaign performs by getting hourly updated reports.
  • It’s quite easy to become an advertiser with PopCash, you don’t need to have any additional budget, their deposit and bid prices are the lowest on the market. The minimum deposit amount is only $5, and the minimum bid price is $0.0002CPV ($0.2 CPM).
  • The team went to great lengths to create a service that can assist users in managing campaigns. Actually, you can do everything yourself from creating and launching to pausing and deleting, it’s like a sleepwalk! You will see it for yourself, just follow our instruction below to make a step-by-step journey through the world of ad campaign creation.

Ready to get started? Then, let’s take a look inside the platform’s operation process.

Once you’ve registered and logged in, you’ll be redirected to the Dashboard.

On the left side, in the ‘Advertiser’ section select ‘Campaigns’ and click on ‘Create Campaign’, a form for campaign details will show up.

Fill out the form, providing all the necessary info on the campaign (name, URL, budget, pricing, page content, etc.), and set up the targeting.

To launch a campaign, it’s necessary to deposit money into your account, a minimum amount is $5. You can top up a deposit in the section ‘Billing’.

Click on ‘Deposit’, select a payment processor from the available, and enter the appropriate amount, hit ‘Deposit’, and that’s the lot!

After approval, choose ‘Start campaign’. Congrats, your campaign is live now! Soon, you’ll be able to track its first performance in the ‘Reports’ section.

Becoming a publisher

What can be more important to publishers than the quality of ads that would be placed on their websites and revenue? PopCash provides all the conditions necessary for carrying out publishing activities.

  • The team keeps a wary eye on ads, they check and moderate all of them and publish only high-quality ones.
  • The network can offer competitive CPM rates for publishers. You can produce decent CPMs if you work with tier 1 GEOs.
  • The company pays publishers for each visit.
  • The payments can be withdrawn daily (a minimum cash-out amount is $10).
  • Additionally, the company guarantees 90% revshare in the first 3 months since signing up.
  • Thus, if you are a webmaster, willing to ‘sell’ your free web-space at a profit – cheering news for you – you’re literally three mouse clicks away from earning your revenue! Here’s our 3-click user guide for you.

Sign up on the site and open the Dashboard.

Under the section ‘Publishers’ click on ‘Websites’, and then ‘Add Website’.

Submit your website, and place a popunder code on the desired pages.

Once your domain has been approved, all of your visitors will be shown a popunder advertisement every 24 hours, and you get your income.


PopCash’s team goes the extra mile to meet all customers’ interests from high-quality traffic and advanced targeting to beneficial pricing models and user-friendly interface. The team makes every effort to provide everything that advertisers and publishers need. With the platform, even a newbie might become a successful advertiser without additional budget or large investments. Webmasters might start earning extra revenue in less than 10 minutes without any doubt about the quality of the ads provided.

The network is a leading player in the advertising market and it can provide a slew of benefits, no matter whether you are looking for ways to purchase traffic or ‘rent out’ your web-space. It’s a reliable and time-honored platform, offering solutions that are both powerful and easy to understand.

Connecting buyers and sellers at the ad marketplace is rather a complicated task, however, ad networks are to perform this task, and PopCash can do it brilliantly.