Pinterest for affiliates: how to get profit

Pinterest for affiliates: how to get profit

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is one of the most popular social media networks. It’s a large web-board, where users can share, create, and look for pins. Pins are units designed to provide some ideas, they contain info, images, or videos. Even though Pinterest takes its position after Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, the platform merits Marketers’ attention because not only is it a social website, but also it’s a giant visual search engine with annual revenue more than 1000 m USD in 2019.

Global annual revenue of Pinterest from 2016 to 2019 (sourse:

As Pinterest provides users with an opportunity to choose from a wide range of activities from sharing ideas and searching out useful content to driving traffic and boosting sales, a website has a large active audience. If we refer to the latest company’s press release, we will see a significant increase in the number of global monthly active users – the figure has grown by 43 million since 2019, and now it amounts to 365 million.

How can affiliates profit from Pinterest?

It seems that the main goal of most users is to entertain and share pins, however, according to the stats, 40 percent of users say they plan purchases through the platform and use it as a search engine.

Leading Pinterest usage reasons according to users in the United States as of 3rd quarter 2019 (sourse:

And today, the company is focused on improving the shopping experience, expanding its programs to assist brands in advertising, eCommerce, content creating, building an effective presence on the platform, etc.

And it’s where some opportunities for Affiliate Marketing become possible. As you know, affiliates aim to promote a product or service. Pinterest has a simple and accessible mechanism to refer a product to someone. A user just needs to create a pin, include a description with some visual content (image or video), and insert an affiliate link. That is, if you compose a catchy pin enriched with keywords, people will easily find it first, and then, being ‘hooked on’, they’ll follow it, and you’ll earn your commission. Also, pins don’t disappear, they hang around forever; being picked up or shared, they keep showing up in users’ feeds, and thus, you keep promoting with no effort.

Pinterest has a wide range of topics and categories, so, you will need to take some time to find your niche with the intended audience.

Choosing an Affiliate Program for Pinterest Marketing

Not all Affiliate Programs can work well on Pinterest, we’ve examined the most widespread ones, and here is our “verdict”.


The program is considered to be the top-recommended one to use on Pinterest.

To sign up for this program, at least 100 Pinterest followers are needed. MagickLinks single program can cover thousands of products from various retailers, thus you won’t need to apply to several programs separately.


Another profitable program to use on Pinterest is ShareASale. No website is required to join the program. In common with MagickLinks, ShareASale provides thousands of different retailers. But the main difference is that when using ShareASale, you need to apply to each retailer separately.

3.Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon has its own Associates Program. However, there are contradictory opinions of using Amazon Affiliate links on Pinterest. Some Marketers say that it’s OK with the EU/UK Amazon associates programs, but not with the US program. Read more about Amazon and opportunities for affiliates here.


So, to recap, Pinterest is an easy, effective, and in some sense, creative way to generate passive income by driving more traffic to your affiliate links. You don’t need to be a Marketing Expert or even have your website to start earning on the platform. Using it wisely, you will make hundreds of dollars out of thin air!