Online Marketing Conferences 2020

Online Marketing Conferences 2020

Why do conferences and industry events matter?

If you are a Digital Marketing player, you should understand that conferences are crucial for the industry. Such events provide a great opportunity to network. No matter whether you are an organizer, a participant, or just a visitor, they might deliver a lot of benefits to your business.

Some small business owners think that they are too busy with “more important” tasks, that consider attending these events as a waste of time. But they even don’t want to take into account that most of their “more important” issues can be solved by meeting the right people or getting the right ideas at such conferences.

Participants and attendees of Marketing Events are not only like-minded people but also industry-leading professionals from all over the world, such as Digital Marketers, SMM Managers, Project Managers, SEO Specialists, Data-driven Journalists, IT Specialists, etc. Attending conferences gives you an opportunity to find business partners, connect with influencers and target audience, establish or create meaningful relationships.

Conference speakers are usually experienced and highly-skilled professionals who have already achieved success. It means that attending the events gives you a chance to learn essential things about the industry, current trends, pain points, etc., as well as to get some fresh ideas and solutions for your business.

Moreover, participation in conferences can help you gain a reputation with peers and customers.

The last but not the least, you may have some fun and enjoy speaking to like-minded people and make friends. Business is all about communication, but it does not particularly mean that this communication must always be formal. A lot of great ideas were generated and a lot of great deals were closed during informal conversations.

What is happening today?

Even being involved in the Digital World, a lot of Marketers prefer to hold face-to-face conferences and events. Perhaps, it seems more engaging, interactive and influencing. However, others choose online events, emphasizing that they are less time-consuming and more affordable. Both online events and face-to-face meetings have their pros and cons. But it’s not our today’s topic, because current circumstances have taken their toll.

The coronavirus pandemic forced people across the globe to self-isolate. Furthermore, mass events, such as concerts, shows, performances, sports competitions, conferences, were prohibited by the governments in more than 100 countries. Some of them have been postponed, some have been canceled. It couldn’t but affect World’s Marketing Events, especially face-to-face ones.

Fortunately, most Marketing Events haven’t been called off, moreover, some of them haven’t been put off. Marketers and organizers don’t want to miss their opportunities even in these hard times, and they decide to turn face-to-face events into online ones.

And in this post, we are going to give the scoop on all upcoming Marketing Conferences that will be held regardless of the pandemic.

Upcoming Marketing Online Events

1.Content Marketing Conference

The virtual event “CMC 2020 Keynotes” will be held on April 21.
At the conference, you will learn how to make your content smarter and wiser, will get useful insights into how to make your content marketing strategy more effective. Additionally, 10 pre-recorded workshops will be launched on April 21 as well.

The host of the conference provides free digital registration.

2.Affiliate Marketing Virtual Summit

This online event will take place on April 26. Leading industry experts will share their experience and knowledge. After attending, you will have a clear understanding of what Affiliate Marketing is, which marketing instruments to apply, how to scale advertisements and make a profit.

Event organizers offer free passes to the summit.

3.Conductor C3

An annual online search and Content Marketing Event opens the doors for you on May 12. Industry leaders will tell you everything you need to know about search, content, and organic marketing.

Conference registration is still open; you can attend the event for free.

4.Brand Safety Summit

The 614 Group is glad to invite you to online Brand Safety Summits on April 30 and May 7. The conference arrangers promise that the events will be cooperative and interactive like face-to-face meetings. Marketing Specialists will speak about brand safety best practices, advertising, search ads, technology and AI, ads effectiveness, etc.

The ticket price starts at 65 USD.


NewFronts 2020 is postponed to June 22. The conference will be held as live-streamed presentations. It’s a yearly Marketing Event hosted by Interactive Advertising Bureau, drawing Digital Media Companies like Hulu, Roku, and Amazon.

The event is by invitation only (for buy-side attendees).

6.Social Media Week

It’s a 4-week virtual conference that will take place on May 5-28. The main goal of the event is to combine Media Marketing with technology. The Marketing Experts will tell about current trends in the SMM and make predictions about the future of the industry.

The pass price starts at 449 USD.

7.Ads Camp

The international annual event is moved online and will be on May 5. At the conference, Marketing Specialists will give all the relevant information about social advertising today.

Ticket prices range from 499 EUR to 699 EUR.


Experts will gather together to share their knowledge of the most effective content strategies. The conference is moved online and will take place on May 18.

The virtual ticket price is 995 USD.

We hope that this information will be useful to you, and you won’t miss your favorite Marketing Event.

DatesEvent Price
April 21 Content Marketing Conference free
April 26 Affiliate Marketing Virtual Summit free
May 12 Conductor C3 free
April 30 and May 7 Brand Safety Summit price starts at 65 USD
June 22 NewFronts by invitation only
May 5-28 Social Media Week price starts at 449 USD
May 5 Ads Camp from 499 EUR to 699 EUR
May 18 Confab 995 USD