How to advertise on social media

How to advertise on social media

Gone are the days when people tuned in to TV ads or radio ads. Needless to mention how many users are online every minute, surfing their social accounts, it’s evident that the number is incredible. Social media enables to easily reach the desired audience worldwide and anytime. Moreover, it has the most powerful influence on people’s minds.

Being developed enough, social networks offer a wide range of advertising options, so that users could choose the most optimal ones for their business. Thus, you have plenty of effective strategies to generate and nurture leads, find prospects, launch campaigns, and build strong business relationships. That’s why, nowadays social media is on the top of a list of advertising ways, and it has become a must for any brand.

Organic reach or promoted posts

Unfortunately, simple posting and waiting followers to react is becoming a thing of the past, organic reach is almost dead today. Therefore, this type of advertising may seem a bit challenging, but it is all about understanding the core principle, which is based on audience targeting, customer journeys, getting customers to come to your website and to buy a product. Social media advertising strategies can do the work. Before getting started, it’s necessary to understand, where it’s possible to reach the intended prospects and deliver your message so that it could respond to the needs.

Not all promotion options offered by social networks are the same, applying a strategy relevant to your needs is ideal. Remember that blind investing several dollars in a first available ad campaign, waiting, and hoping that the mechanism will work itself isn’t a smart strategy. At the very best, you would get some instant short-term returns, at the worst, you would just waste your time and money.

In order to understand how to choose the right strategy and get started, here we’ll break down the main ways to advertise on the most popular social websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Initially, Facebook was a domain of B2C marketers, but now it offers an enormous number of opportunities for B2B marketers. Having more than two billion users a month, the network offers effective marketing strategies with powerful targeting options.

There are two main methods to attract users’ attention on the platform.

  • Promoted Posts

If you want your posts to be seen in the Newsfeed of more people, you can rely on this ad technique. Any post can be included, from various updates to offers. When selecting which post to promote, it’s good to analyze the performance of previous posts to figure out which types of posts spark the most interest.

  • Ads

Facebook has several ad placements: Stories, right column, feed, etc. More about ad types and sizes you can find here.


Prioritizing short but sound messages, the platform offers several effective ways to interact with prospective customers.

  • Promoted Tweets

They look like ordinary tweets but they boost your content, placing it at the top of the Newsfeed. The technique can be useful for short-term campaigns or contests with deadlines.

  • Cards

You can attract your audience by placing cards with various content besides text, such as videos or eye-catching pictures. Clicking them will take users to a certain landing page.

Along with ordinary Twitter cards, lead gen cards enable you to redirect users to another website, download a book, or sign up for free trials directly on Twitter.

  • Promoted accounts or trends

If you activate this option, the account that you want to promote will be in a “Who to follow” list, attracting users’ attention. Promoted trends option allows you to show off your company’s name or brand among the hottest topics.


This network is the largest professional platform, a spot-on tool for B2B marketing. Thus, if you want to reach users with business ideas, LinkedIn is an optimal place. And there are several ways to do it.

  • Sponsored updates

It is a way to share relevant content and publish it straight to the feed, and to make it available to users outside your network. And besides, you can add some cute features like attractive pictures or CTA to make it more noticeable.

  • Ads

You can lure users by posting an ad that will show up at the top, bottom, or sides of the page. It can contain videos, graphics, or just plain text.

  • Sponsored InMail

Push the limits of traditional email marketing by using Sponsored InMail. Such messages appear in users’ inbox on the website when they are online, as well as actual email notifications are sent, informing them that they have a new communication to read.

  • Lead Accelerator and Network Display

These tools allow you to bring the right leads to your team by reaching potential customers with relevant content, to build a sales pipeline, and to deliver the right people to your marketing funnel. The services enable you to target audiences anywhere online, both on and outside LinkedIn. Integrating the tools with your own marketing platform may increase the number of possible options.

Choosing and applying an appropriate social advertising strategy is not enough. In order to figure out, whether it works or not, and how much revenue you generate applying it, it’s essential to track and calculate ROI. The integration of your new social media advertising campaign with your current marketing automation system will help you monitor the most important metrics.