How do Social Media behave during pandemic?

How do Social Media behave during pandemic?

Pandemic led to quarantine, quarantine implies isolation, isolation means social media.

Coronavirus made us spend even more time on these social media networks we are already addicted to. The data show a 20-percent increase in Instagram campaign impressions and a 27-percent growth in users’ activity on TikTok from February to March.

Due to coronavirus, users’ behavior has already changed; social media platforms are trying to adapt to the situation. Social networks add new features and tools, work on eliminating tech issues, optimize communication services, change their content marketing strategies by adding various guidelines, tips on how to stay ahead during coronavirus outbreak.

COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected social media marketing. In this article, we would like to make a brief overview of how the most popular social networks behave during the coronavirus hysteria.


Last week the platform reported that it saw a record high level of demand for its services. It made the network create new tools and add new features. Thus, Facebook Live was updated with automatic closed captions capabilities and the option that enables users to listen to audios of broadcasts without watching videos.

More people use the platform’s apps, such as Messenger and WhatsApp, that’s why the network is looking for various ways to optimize them too. For instance, now the team is working on a new feature for Messenger – an “Auto Status” option that can track and indicate what you are up to.

In order to support and assist businesses affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, Facebook has created Business Resource Hub with recommendations and references to useful business sources.

There is also a rise in articles reading. However, all these services are not monetized. These new “coronavirus tendencies” don’t generate revenue.

With the COVID-19 outbreak, despite the significant increase in platform usage, Facebook advertising was negatively affected. A big number of brands have shut down due to quarantine and stopped their ad campaigns in order to save their expenses. According to marketers, advertising spending could be decreased by fifty percent across the whole industry. Hence, the thing which was recently a cash cow now becomes a platform’s pain point. Nevertheless, Facebook doesn’t stand still and adds a new element to optimize ad performance. The aim of a new Ad Manager feature is to gather all ad tests and results in one place.


The platform’s team looks deeply into a brand communications problem. The network has worked out instructions on how to properly communicate during the pandemic. Twitter emphasizes considering how to be useful during the crisis and within the coronavirus context and keeping in mind the changes in customers’ behavior.


The network published new recommendations on what to post during the pandemic. Besides highly relevant content, the platform suggests being “yourself”, posting about your experiences and providing your perspectives.

The platform also added a new “Conversation Ads” option to Sponsored InMails service. The feature allows you to include Call-To-Action buttons into your message. This addition might significantly improve advertising campaigns, for it increases the engagement with customers, turns the recipients into leads, and helps to better understand consumers’ intents. Furthermore, LinkedIn offers message templates to assist users in creating powerful Conversation campaigns.


Instagram was drastically affected by the situation. Marketers report a 14-percent drop in engagement rate by follower this week. As compared to Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is not likely where users are going to read the news or communicate with other users. A lot of industries, that had an engagement spike before, are taking dives on the platform now.

COVID-19 pandemic led to launching new features by Instagram. In order to bring more value to Instagrammers, the platform invented a media sharing option with a participatory engagement feature, that enables users to interact through video chat, to search, and share content.

Additionally, Instagram is working on adding a new feature to Live Stream, which will allow users to add several participants into streaming.

Despite the situation, the marketers call to proceed with social media marketing activities and advertising during the quarantine. They assert that it can be even more effective due to a decrease in business competition and an increase in digital attention. Moreover, it can be possible to take the opportunity to serve now and win business later. You can get more recommendations on how to save your business during the pandemic here