Getting In Dating Vertical With Leadbit: A Key To Profit

Getting In Dating Vertical With Leadbit: A Key To Profit

Today, the Digital Marketing industry is negatively affected by global health and consequent economic crises. Due to coronavirus pandemic, some companies shut down, some moved to online work, people are forced to self-isolate. Although a lot of niches and verticals have become almost dead, others, on the contrary, have started to attract even more interest. Since people are locked down without a possibility to go out, all online activities become central and the only possible ones. According to the latest data, online dating networks are currently gaining momentum.

Which vertical to choose now?

Even before, a dating vertical was always the most popular one with affiliates. And there are a lot of reasons for this. It is an evergreen and constantly growing market (with an overall segment revenue about 2,000 m USD in 2019); more and more people prefer online dating to the traditional one because it’s convenient, available, and it provides a lot of opportunities in terms of meeting new people and communication. According to marketing surveys, about 20 percent of single users choose online dating services, each of them spends on average 243 USD annually. And as they say, where there’s demand, there’s supply, more and more dating networks are appearing, opening various possibilities for affiliates.

Revenue in the Online Dating segment

Major types of dating offers

There are two most advantageous and steady growing types of dating offers, mainstream dating and adult dating. Adult dating is more competitive and profitable, but there are a lot of risks related to bans on adult content promotion. Mainstream dating is more difficult to work with, but it’s worth it. There are a lot of effective tools to simplify this work process, for instance, Leadbit, a convenient platform with an intuitive interface and a user-friendly dashboard. Additionally, their managers can help you determine the most suitable dating offers for you.

Profits and results in the dating niche depend on two main aspects, GEO and traffic source.

GEO and the most profitable regions

As you know, marketers divide dating regions into three groups. This division is not strict, the lists of countries can differ, but generally, the first group contains developed countries, Western European ones, the USA, Canada, and Australia. The second region includes Eastern Europe and Latin America. And the third group consists of Asian countries. All regions work well with dating; it can be found everywhere across the globe. However, the first group is the most profitable because of the most active and financially reliable audience.

Statistics of dating search based on Google Trends. A value of 100 is the peak popularity for the term. A value of 50 means that the term is half as popular.

Traffic sources

Dating works with almost all traffic sources, Facebook ads, social media, Google ads, forums, blogs, etc. The most optimal way to find high-quality traffic is to turn to affiliate networks. They provide various dating affiliate programs to choose from. Leadbit can be considered to be one of the top affiliate networks for dating vertical because of its undeniable advantages, especially in terms of providing the best traffic sources.

We’ve examined rating lists of top affiliate networks that provide dating offers and found out that Leadbit always takes the prominent position. Through the example of this network, we’d like to disclose the secret of success when working with dating offers.

Facebook ads and Google ads are very popular sources, it’s not difficult to get onto the way they operate and set them up. Leadbit encourages webmasters and affiliates who know how to work with these sources, as offers based on such traffic are usually very high performing. If you live and breathe it, then Leadbit’s dating offers are a perfect fit.

We took a deeper look at the work process of affiliates through the example of Leadbit. The company bills itself as a top international affiliate network, let’s find out why.

Worth choosing Leadbit

  • Multi-GEO

It is a CPA network that provides a great deal of choice in terms of GEOs. That is, affiliates get access to high performing Multi-GEO offers. Top GEOs for dating vertical are ES, DE, IT, US, UK, AU, CA, IN.

Grab onto it! It’s the list of the most highly-converting GEOs for today. Now you know what to work with to make a profit!

  • Best offers

You can choose from more than 150 dating offers with payment varying from 1 USD to 200 USD per lead.

Moreover, both exclusive offers by direct advertisers and custom offers are available. Offers, provided by the network, are highly relevant, well-trusted, and popular with users. If you start working with these offers, high conversions won’t be slow in coming.

  • Considering interests

It’s an additional benefit, professionals might derive from cooperation with the network. Leadbit always meets the interests of professionals and may accept special terms of cooperation with trusted partners, such as higher rates, etc.

  • Appropriate ad formats

The affiliate network works with ad formats that are the most suitable for dating, such as push notifications, native ads, banners.

  • Reliable support

The company has more than 50 offices around the globe and provides 24/7 support. An international team of more than 1K professionals can help you think every step through, give insights into processes, choose the best GEO, and solve all possible problems.

  • High payouts

When it comes to payments, Leadbit proves to be one of the best networks again, as it has the highest payouts that are available on demand.

  • Opportunities for advertisers

Leadbit also offers a lot of opportunities for direct advertisers, dating business owners. In view of this, the company ensures traffic check and fraud elimination, the quality of large-volume traffic, fast integration, convenience of financial transactions.

  • Other advantages

Another winning solution Leadbit offers is a free translation tool, which is a great advantage for the dating niche.

Leadbit works on some other verticals as well, like Nutra, gambling, sweepstakes, finance. And if you’re not nuts about dating, then you can choose from offers for your vertical.

Additionally, if you join Leadbit, you will get some pleasant bonuses, such as gifts given by Leadbit Store. And we are not blowing smoke! There is a real chance to win Oled TV, Smartphone, iPad, MacBook, or even Porsche Cayenne! We have evidence! Not every affiliate network can boast of such a bonus!

Leadbit Store

Dealing with trusted sources and networks will help minimize risks and gain more profit. If you are a professional, you probably, know that there is no better way than to work with like-minded professionals. And Leadbit might be the best candidate for this, as they have everything for an effective and comfortable work process from a user-friendly interface to various bonuses designed for gaining profit.

bonuses given by Leadbit Store

Thus, if you work with other verticals that are now in the crunch, you can look into the possibility of shifting to such a relevant and everlasting niche as dating. It may seem challenging and complicated at first sight. But the main keys to success in affiliate marketing are to try new things, to avoid following the trodden path, and to stay in the loop.