Do you know enough about Instagram users? (infographic)

Do you know enough about Instagram users? (infographic)

Why Instagram?

Are you a social media marketer who is thinking about working out an effective marketing strategy? Then, you probably know that it’s important to be present on Instagram today. With more than one billion monthly active users and predominant visual content, the website is regarded as the most powerful tool for engaging potential customers, retaining existing clients, and creating brand awareness. For instance, according to marketing researches, brand engagement on Insta is 58 times greater than on Facebook. Instagram can be considered as the most influential platform among other social websites because it allows businesses to communicate with their customers in a very visual manner. As the saying runs, а picture is worth a thousand words, however much you manage to write creative texts, one simple picture can sound much louder, this way IG becomes the easiest tool for all businesses to apply. Furthermore, it enables your business account to interact directly with other accounts, consequently, you can cooperate with intended users, make desired connections with influencers, and build business relations.

Why are demographics important?

No matter whether you are an experienced Insta user who is already running various promotional campaigns on IG or a newcomer who is thinking out a marketing strategy, it is crucial to know the latest demographic data. If you ignore these data, then you will not be able to know who your customers are. How do they search for your products or services? Where do they live? What technologies do they use? What are their interests and professions? These are just several factors that may have an impact on the way how you should target your audience, as well as on the way how you should run a business on the whole.

Such statistical data can help identify the number of potential customers to whom you could offer your products.

Who are Instagram users?


The website has subscribers from all over the world, but the USA takes first place on the list of countries where the platform is popular. According to up-to-date statistics, the network has 116 million subscribers from the USA. India and Brazil take the next place with more than 70 million members. Then Russia and Turkey follow them with approximately 40 million Instagrammers. And the rest countries where the network is still widely-used are Japan, the UK, Mexico, and Germany.

More than 40 percent of website members are living in cities, while more than 30 percent of subscribers are suburban users.

Age and gender

Most platform users are youths, 18-29-year-old people, they make up more than 60 percent of all members. To compare with 2016, a number of young subscribers have grown by 10 percent. Moreover, about 80 percent of all teenagers surveyed told that IG was their social website of choice. Anyway, the website also remains very popular with 30-64-year-old people.

When it comes to gender, the website is more popular with female users than with male ones; according to the latest stats, 52 percent of Instagrammers are women and 48 percent are men.

Income and education

According to the survey results, 33 percent of Instagrammers have higher education, while 37 percent of members have some college education. Some institutes of higher education create their own accounts to keep their students in touch.

It’s rather hard to observe an average income of website members, as the platform’s audience includes a wide spectrum of people, from ordinary wage-earners to CEOs. Thus, the income may vary from 30,000 to 75,000+ dollars per year.

Is it enough?

Remember, being a useful base to start planning your strategy and outlining the ideal customer profile, demographics don’t provide you a full image. These stats are not guidelines or step-by-step instructions for operating a business, they are just helpful info that should be taken into account in this process. The data should be constantly monitored (as they are non-permanent) and properly analyzed in order to figure out whether your products are being targeted to the most suitable customers.

It’s evident that it can be very challenging to track and deal with massive amounts of data, but it’s possible to do it by applying special tools, such as Google Analytics or Hotjar. They can assist you in monitoring user demographics and identifying the core audience, as well as minimizing your efforts.