Create value – get success in return. Interview with Ben Walker

Create value – get success in return. Interview with Ben Walker

Ben Walker, a digital marketer, an SMM specialist, a brand storyteller, and a founder of The Zoom Agency tells his story about coming to success.

Great minds think that if you turn your hobby into your business, you will never have to work. When you do what you like to do, devoting yourself to this activity, putting your heart and soul into it, it starts working for you itself. Consequently, you don’t need to make great efforts to achieve your goals. Thus, why not search for something you are keen on? A lot of distinguish people came to their success due to doing what they like and what they are good at.

Today we almost can’t imagine our lives without social media. No matter whether we post photos, write blogs, communicate with cronies, share experiences, look for specific info, or search for inspiration, it has already become an essential part of our lifeways. But have you ever thought of turning these activities into effective business strategies? Maybe you are good at creating interesting posts, or your visual content is popular with your friends and followers, or your ideas inspire other people, and they come to you to get advice. These actions can become components of social media strategy. However, there is one more condition to adhere to, you should always be mindful of creating value for your audience.

Ben Walker’s career path may serve as a perfect example. Let’s see how he has become a founder of an ever-evolving digital agency, which mistakes he has made, and what he has achieved.

Interview with Ben Walker

How did you get started working in Digital Marketing?

I was always active on social media at a personal level, but it was only when I was in Los Angeles and stumbled upon Social Media Week that I realized the full potential of the digital world. I was blown away at how everything could be measured and optimized and how important it was to create good content for your communities. I took this idea back to Barcelona and set up The Zoom Agency.

What is your biggest achievement in your career?

It’s a combination of various things. There are things that can be measured both internally and externally. I think internally is creating value for other people. What was once an idea in my head is now the source of life and wellbeing for others in my team. When I look at our client roster both past and present, I wow myself at some of the names who have trusted us in our first 6 years!

What were the biggest mistakes in your business?

Not adapting fast enough to an ever-changing landscape.

How to organize working hours and free time can become a real pain point when it comes to digital marketing activities. Maybe Ben Walker’s way of conducting this process will give us some insights into how to do it better.

Tell about your working day? How many hours do you devote to work?

I usually devote my mornings to working with the team. Fast meetings to catch up and then idea development for our clients. When I’m on the road, I work a lot from my phone and every platform we use is cloud-based.

How do you usually spend your vacation?

I’m pretty much always only. I love weekend trips as much as I love laying in the sun for a week. I’m never really on holiday though. 

Last book you have read?

12 Rules of Life: An antidote to chaos by Jordan B. Peterson.

Whatever you do, it’s necessary to prioritize. Identifying the right priorities will help you build up a ladder to success. You should always know what is currently relevant and focus on it. Let’s see what main focuses Ben Walker has today.

What is your main focus right now?

Communicating our value as an agency to potential clients. For years, we didn’t market ourselves or focus on business developments. We’ve done so much great stuff so we’re now trying to bring it to the surface and share it with the world.

In your opinion, which of social media is the best for brands to expand?

It depends on the objective. Instagram is a major player in terms of brand discovery and experience building. Facebook is still very strong on ads and getting people to click on your website.

Looking at others, sharing thoughts, and keeping an eye on great people help develop and be aware of modern trends. If you have already reached success, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to move ahead and learn. Learning from other brands significantly expands opportunities. For example, our main character constantly follows and monitors other brands, let’s find out why.

What bloggers and brands you are following yourself in social?

Many! I like to follow many luxury brands and bloggers as they are now pushing creative boundaries and luxury has become mainstream. People save more to buy special pieces and it’s incredible to see how they embraced social media when previously, it was in-store and experience-led.

What do you do to keep yourself motivated?

Read the latest news. See what other brands are doing. Keep an eye on the USA which is where most marketing innovation comes from. And that aside from the gym, eating good and traveling when I can!

Oriental wisdom says “sow a thought, and you reap an act; sow an act, and you reap a habit; sow a habit, and you reap a character; sow a character, and you reap a destiny”. What was once just an idea in the head of our main character is now a source of life and his destiny.

Ben Walker’s activity helps brands stay relevant and get ahead by taking full advantage of digital marketing capabilities. A marketer inspires businesses to develop, designs customer journeys via brand values and experiences, builds awareness and trust. He always focuses on bringing value to people, perhaps it is the secret of his success.