Attracting and retaining attention on YouTube

Attracting and retaining attention on YouTube

What kind of videos hold people’s attention? And why do they do so?

Paying attention to the content

Most people think that a good video is made by the quality of the cameras one uses or the level of sophistication involved in the making of the video, but that is not the case. The most important part of any video is its content, which means the information a video is offering to the viewer. When a person opens a video, they are hoping to see something of substance, and if the content is not good the quality of the video does not matter. This is especially the case if one is aiming to financially gain from the endeavor, because that means one is trying to sell the video to viewers.

When the information a person is sharing is good enough, then they can focus on improving the rest of the video. This includes meeting certain preferences that viewers respond to, such as not making the videos too long or making them lively and interesting. Another important component of a video posted on a website such as YouTube is the title or caption, because a good headline can entice people who normally would not have watched the video. When it comes to choosing the right titles, there are multiple tricks a person can use to ensure a good choice. For example, most large online search engines give hints on what people are commonly searching for through offering Keyword suggestions.

Focusing on caption

Given how much traffic of new videos is online this is difficult to follow up with what’s current and in alignment with people’s desires. Yet big search engines such as YouTube tend to make this process much easier by showing people which videos are most played, and once a person types in the search bar, the website also offers keywords to suggest where to direct a search. If a person properly analyzed these suggestions, ideas spring up and it is made easier to come up with a successful caption for a video. By using a tactic like this in search engines as major and global as YouTube, one gets to stay ahead of the international market and whatever people are aligning themselves with at the moment.

Search engine algorithms and recommendations

Global search engines have algorithms that are set specifically for the purpose of helping users find content or topics that are relevant to their searches. This is a very good thing, because as mentioned already, this is a good way to get ideas of which caption to use and which ideas are more popular. So for people who are selling their ideas, it is advisable to seek out topics that are current and common amongst the online public. By knowing which topics are relevant to one’s ideas, it is made possible to learn more about people trying out similar content.

For a video to become popular, it has to be viewed many times, and there are specific algorithms that exist to show this. By using them, a person is capable of understanding which videos are currently viewer friendly. This means that one can use this knowledge to decide what kind of video they themselves will make, thereby improving their chances to achieve a desired number of viewers. This does not necessarily mean that one should copy the exact content of other videographers, but rather use the ideas to improve on one’s own concept.

Examine the desired outcome

Considering timing for posts

One of the most important reasons certain people succeed and other fail is timing. Most of the people have good ideas to create videos with and post them online, yet they get no traction and their ideas die out. This is mostly because of bad timing for posts, among other things. There are times when a specific topic is getting a lot of traction, and the earlier posters realize this the faster they can join this trend. As mention before, most large website search as YouTube offer suggestions of similar video as a person is searching for. This means that if a poster is able to get on an idea that is trending, their video will be among the suggested videos, thereby getting more views.

Listening to viewers’ opinions

To clarify more on how to get in on these trending ideas, a person must always examine which topics are gaining the most traction.

This means using the ideas suggested in the search bar and by relevant algorithms. Also a person must examine what is working and what is not working over a period of time. This means that a person has to get in touch with their viewers and inquire about their opinions and views. When a viewer feels like their opinion is being heard, they are most likely to return and check out the new posts. And by listening to viewers’ opinions, one can know how best to develop their content and overall video to better suit the viewers.

In conclusion, when a person wants to get more views for their videos, it is important to adopt better methods. Improving on the content, caption and overall ideas of a video can help put people in to the cycle of trending videos, thereby gaining more views. By learning from others, a person can improve their creativity and get to know more about what kind of audience they are appeasing. It is imperative to continuously take surveys and listen to viewers’ opinions, and never get tired of applying good ideas for the sake of improvement.