Achievements driven by passion. Interview with Alexander Novicov

Achievements driven by passion. Interview with Alexander Novicov

Alexander Novicov, an emotional man, a passionate public speaker, a blogger, a brand storyteller, and a motivated CEO of IQD Agency , reveals his key to success

What is success? Is it about money, reputation, prosperity, crowds of followers and haters, or achieving a high level of fame? If to get to the heart of the matter, success is not about wealth or glory, it’s more about personal achievements and reaching desired goals.

However, most people consider success as being proud of their achievements. Having reached their first goals, they rest on their laurels and tend to think that they have already triggered the mechanism of success, and it will work itself, bringing them benefits. Unfortunately, those who settle with less than the best are neither enthusiastic enough nor really love what they do.

Money and achievements withdraw into the shadows when comparing them to the satisfaction brought by the work and activity that you really like to carry out. Bob Dylan said, “A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do.” When you are keen on your occupation, you put your heart and soul into it and use your best efforts to do your work more and more perfectly day after day.

Alexander Novicov, our today’s main character “wakes up every day striving to become the best version of himself to inspire people to go beyond and live a passionate and authentic life”. Started as a kitchen boy, having come a long way, Alexander eventually established an Emotional Marketing agency. And today, he runs his own business, speaks at conferences, helps and inspires companies to grow and develop their brands.

Alexander Novicov made a hard journey, full of fails and self-delusions, to finally start thinking outside the box, going beyond, and doing things extraordinarily.

Interview with Alexander Novicov

How did you get started working in Digital Marketing?

I started in Digital Marketing 13 years ago when I was hired by a web development company to be a sales and marketing executive. From then on, I saw a need in Digital Marketing and within 3 years left and started my own agency to focus on Digital Marketing.

A desire for constant development, seeking perfection in everything, learning from mistakes will, without doubt, lead to good results. Alexander’s experience and progress can serve as a great example of it.

How has your company changed for 10 years?

We changed from providing just Digital Marketing services like Pay Per Click, Facebook Applications to creating meaningful stories and help brands truly make a positive impact. Our goal is to help people with passion create stories and products that matter. Ten years ago we focused a lot on promoting the brand, promoting the product, today we focus a lot on having a great product, making the actual product different and then start promoting it and find the right customers for that particular product.

What were your biggest mistakes?

My biggest mistake was not going to hire people when we were growing and not going 10X when we could. I paused and I lost a lot of market share.

What did you learn from your professional experience?

I learned that things move on, everything has a cycle and that no matter how much you care about a client and want to help them, ultimately it comes down to their mentality and how they think about their own business.

What is your biggest achievement in your career?

My biggest achievement in my career is working with huge brands like Stella Artois, Holland & Barrett and others without having any connections and not knowing anybody.

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow”, Anthony J. D’Angelo said. There are a lot of ways to get knowledge, we can learn from books, from our own experience, from someone else’s experience, from listening to great people. Let’s learn about Marketing from Alexander’s recommendations and see how he acquires knowledge himself.

What book can you recommend for newbies in Marketing?

There are a lot of great books – I highly recommend Seth Godin books:
This Is Marketing, Purple Cow; How To Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie, The Thank you Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk and Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook by Gary as well, Predatory Thinking by Dave Trott, Insanely Simple by Ken Segall and Start With Why by Simon Sinek.

How to choose the niche in the industry?

I think the best way to choose a niche is by looking at where the opportunity is and what you are passionate about. It needs to make a positive impact on the world, and it needs to have demand which is very important.

Who are your main mentors/advisers?

My mentors are people who I haven’t met: Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Grant Cardone.

When you’ve reached something in your life or discovered something new, you can’t help but introducing others to it, educating on it, and sharing it.

Our main character is an excellent public speaker that relishes the opportunity to participate in marketing events to share his ideas and insights. Additionally, he always narrates his personal story. The purpose of it is not to stroke his ego, but rather to show that it’s necessary to be honest with yourself and to make sure his audience gets as much value as possible.

You often speak at different conferences. How many conferences a year do you attend as a speaker? And how do you choose one?

I try to speak as much as possible at conferences, one – twice per month, so my goal ideally to speak at least 14 times per year. I choose the conferences based on the audience and if they have a passion for what they do. I’m not concerned about the numbers as long as people who attend want to learn and love what they do.

Hence, what is the key to success? Everything of genius is simple! Don’t think of your job as a job, but as a way of doing what you like most, follow your passion, and you will certainly succeed! Passion drives and motivates, making people move forward, but not stand still. If you follow your passions, the success will follow you, bringing you income. Thus, being passionate about your work and activity is one of the main secrets of success.